Traditional, handmade     sausages with a unique texture and taste.
No gristle or nasty bits!


Here are just a few of the sausage flavours we create using our own blend of seasonings. A full range of our products can be purchased directly (collection only) or from our stall at Hampshire Farmers' Markets - full details can be found on the delivery and news page.




 Pork, Hampshire Honey & Wholegrain Mustard Sausages

Hampshire Pork, Honey and Wholegrain Mustard. A delicious flavour and taste.





Jamaican Jerk Sausages

Hot & spicy - delicious blend of pork, chilli, allspice, brown sugar and mixed spices. Won numerous Gold awards.




 Pork & Garlic Sausages


Pork blended with garlic, parsley & thyme.