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Christmas 2020

Thursday, 29 October 2020  |  Sue Ambrose

Ambrose Farm Produce Christmas Price List 2020
Gammon –Boneless/rolled
(allow. approx 150-170gm per person) –
Unsmoked Gammon Joints per kilo £11.50
Oak Smoked Gammon Joints per kilo £12.50
Traditional Sausagemeat min 454gm £4.00
Farmhouse Sausagemeat Gluten free min 454g £4.00
Chipolatas (pack 12) £4.50
Farmhouse Chipolatas gluten free (pack 12) £4.50
Cocktail sausages (pack 18) £4.50
Honey and Mustard Cocktails (pack 18) £5.00
Pigs in Blankets (pack 12) £6.00
Black pudding (min 400g piece) £5.00
Unsmoked Dry Cured Streaky (min200gm) £3.50
Oak smoked Dry Cured Streaky (min200gm) £3.50
Unsmoked Dry Cured Back Bacon (min200gm) £3.50
Oak smoked Dry Cured Back Bacon (min200gm) £3.50
Truffle Smoked Streaky Bacon (min 200gm) £4.00

Wiltshire Horn Lamb
Home reared price per kilo
Stuffed Saddle of Lamb £22.50 per kg
Crown Roast £21.00 per kg
Whole Leg Lamb £16.00 per kg Half leg lamb £16.00 per kg
Whole Shoulder Lamb £10.95 per kg
Half Shoulder Lamb £10.95 per kg
Rack of lamb £22.00 per kg
Chops x2 £16.00 per kg

Hampshire Free Range Pork Joints price per kilo
Shoulder Boned and Rolled £9.50 per kilo
Loin Boned and Rolled £12.50 per kilo
Leg Boned and Rolled £11.50 per kilo
Belly Bone In £9.50 per kilo

Snacking Salami – Truffle & porcini mushroom, Saucisson Sec, Diablo(chilli&fennel), £5.00 pack 6
Chorizo £5.00 each
Biltong £3.50 per pack
Beef Biltong 70gm pack
Chilli Beef Biltong 70gm pack