Traditional, handmade     sausages with a unique texture and taste.
No gristle or nasty bits!

This Week's Farmer's Market Sausage flavours

This Week's Farmer's Market Sausage flavours

Christmas Product List 2015

Saturday, 17 October 2015  |  Sue Ambrose

Ambrose Farm Produce Christmas Price List 2015

Dry Cured Gammon

Boneless Un-smoked Gammon joint          11.50p/kg

Boneless Oak smoked Gammon Joint        12.50p/kg


Pork (boned and rolled)

Loin of Pork B/R                                               11.50p/kg

Leg of Pork                                                        9.50p/kg

Shoulder of Pork                                       8.50p/kg

Dry Cure Bacon

Unsmoked Back                                         16.50p/kg

Unsmoked Streaky                                    16.50p/kg

Oak Smoked Back                                      17.50p/kg

Oak smoked Streaky                                 17.50p/kg

Smoked Pancetta                                       30.00 /kg

Sausages & sausagemeat

Traditional Pork                                         9.25p/kg

Traditional Pork Chipolatas                     12.50p/kg

Cocktail Sausages                                      14.50p/kg

Honey & Mustard Cocktails                         14.50/kg     

                     Traditional Pork Sausagemeat 454g pack  £4.00 each

Pigs in Blankets                                          50p each


Hampshire Salami

The Hampshire - Red Wine and Garlic

Diablo – Hot and Spicy

Saucisson Sec – Traditional with Garlic


Packed in 50gm sliced packs £2.50 per pack


 Tel:- 02380620984 or 07979024268

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for 2016 from Phil & Sue


Quick and Easy hot weather food

Friday, 17 July 2015  |  Sue Ambrose

Too hot to spend hours in the kitchen ? 


 Why not try our great selection of Free range Saddleback pork, quick and easy to cook pork cuts available this weekend at Hampshire Farmer's Markets - Emsworth Saturday 18th  and Southsea 19th.

escalopes, diced, stir fry mix, leg steaks.


Perfect to flash fry, grill or BBQ and serve with pasta, salad or boiled new potatoes.