Traditional, handmade     sausages with a unique texture and taste.
No gristle or nasty bits!

About Us

Ambrose Shop Front Ambrose Sausages has been established by husband and wife team Philip and Sue Ambrose, who have a combined wealth of experience and have both spent many years working and training in the Meat Industry, Hotel, Catering and Retail sectors.

“Over the years I have tried many sausages in the hope of finding one that could match the moist, crumbly texture and meaty taste of my Grandfather’s sausage recipe. I have never found its equal.”

“Inspired by a trip back to the village of Westbourne and subsequent conversations with family, friends and old customers, we were persuaded to buy some sausage making equipment and start production of the Ambrose Sausage once again.”

“With the positive feedback from our initial trial we embarked on setting up a high specification sausage production unit and re launched the Ambrose Sausage. We hope you enjoy our succulent, tasty bangers as much as we do!”

Phil Ambrose 

Philip Ambrose M.Inst.M


Ambrose Sausage's History


Back in the 1920’s, Gilbert Ambrose opened a traditional butcher’s shop in the village of Westbourne, West Sussex. From there he produced high quality meat products which were delivered throughout the area by horse and cart. Gilbert soon established a strong reputation across the county and Ambrose Butcher’s became renowned for high quality and service. Their most popular product was, without doubt, the Ambrose Sausage. People travelled many miles for the Ambrose Sausage and such was the quality and standard, they were even supplied to the Royal Yacht Britannia.

The Ambrose Sausage recipe was created by Gilbert using the finest pork meat. A unique combination of herbs and spices were added before being gently hand mixed, minced and filled into natural hog casings.

The recipe was a well guarded secret, neatly written down in a small book which carefully detailed the weights and quantities for varying size batches. To ensure no one else had access to the secret recipe and that it always remained within the family, Gilbert’s wife Lillian had the responsibility of weighing out the herbs and spices that were then handed over to the staff to make the sausages.

Grandson Philip recalls spending many hours as a child watching the sausage production and helping in the shop. Philip decided to follow in his father and grand-father’s footsteps by training to be a master butcher at Smithfield Meat College. He spent many years in varying aspects of the meat industry before a family move to Eastleigh forced a career change.

Philip inherited the secret recipe book when Gilbert passed away and hoped that one day he would be able to bring the Ambrose Sausage back into production.